Let’s start…

Here is an overview of what we need, and an overview that explains the procedure.
If you are missing a logo, images or anything needed in the list below, we can help you with this.

1) What we need to start

Your Logo

PDF, AI, high quality JPEG or PNG if possible.

Web Hosting Info

Your web hosting account login and / or control panel username and password.

Wordpress Login

An administrator login to your current WordPress site. (if this is a redesign of the WordPress page)

Photos and Video

Current or / and new images that you want to use on your new website.



The website’s updated content, text and information we need for the website.

Style guide

Company style, color or specific design wishes and requirements.

This can be delivered in person, or it can be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive or other such services.
If there is something you are missing, we can always offer all those services, at a very good price. Unique, possibly it can be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive or other such services.

2) Communication & Strategy

To achieve the goal of the website you want, we depend on good communication and strategy. To make it easier for you, we are available on most platforms. Phone, email, live chat, skype, zoom, and most social media. You will be updated throughout the project, so you feel safe. We understand that communication is important, and we should be easily accessible should you need to make any changes.

3) Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive.

Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive are all great file sharing programs. This is not necessary for all projects, but if you have more than 15-20 photos to send, or if they are too large to send via regular email, we can use those programs. We can set up a folder for the project we are working on and can share what we need there. It is also nice to send over passwords, references and other important info.
If you live in a close area, you are of course welcome to come and meet us and share info in person.

4) The Design Process

Designing a website, no matter how big or small, is a comprehensive process that can be overwhelming. To help you better understand what to expect during design and development, I have outlined the process in three steps:


1) Setup and Design

A large and time consuming part of designing a website is in the planning and setup phase of the process. I will create a sketch of the website for approval first, possibly change more until you have approved. Then I will design the main page with all the content.

2) Development

Once the website layout and design is approved, I will proceed with designing all websites and implementing all functionality. We make sure your site looks good and works well on all devices and browsers before moving on to the final step.

3) Changes and Revisions

When the site is ready for final review, you can review each page and we can make detailed changes until the site is ready for launch. We ask you to read all pages to ensure that all spelling, grammar, addresses and information are correct before you go live.

5) Launch The Website!

When the site is ready to go live, all unnecessary plugins, pages, images and backend files will be removed. The new site will be backed up and stored locally, in case it ever needs to be restored. Once delivered, it can take between 24-48 hours for the new site to be online depending on your web hosting provider.

The website’s login information and all references will be sent to you as agreed. Although your logins and passwords are stored by me locally, you need to save them for yourself. After completion, you will have the opportunity to choose one of ours follow-up plans. These are recommended for a good and safe maintenance and safety plan. I recommend this to all my clients.

If you have questions, you can call or send an e-mail, we are here to help you.