Follow-up plan & Security

Website Maintenance is Important...

You should not have to spend time worrying about whether your website is up to date and secure. We have follow-up plans tailored to your needs. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, and let us do the work for you.

You have now created a great website. What should you keep in mind now.

Updating information

The website is your online identity. It is important to keep the page updated with new and current information. If the page is not updated, you may lose your customers. If you have received new products, services, employees, or general information, remember to update the page. If there is not much new, then it can help to update photos or change the design a bit. We can help you with this, please see our follow-up plans.


It takes a lot of work, time and creativity to create a good website. The website consists of my coding, modules and some programs. As time goes on, some of this will become outdated. It is important to review this regularly and keep the site up to date. The benefits of updating these can be more security, better functionality and more. If you need more info, or help to order this, just get in touch with us.


Websites, like most other online sites, can be vulnerable to attacks, such as hackers, viruses, spam and more. Often there is a lot of important information on the website, and it is important to defend against digital attacks. We have worked hard to find solutions that can do a good job, without compromising the performance of the website. We can help you install these, help with settings, and help you keep them up to date.

Remove Unnecessary Info

As time goes on, many files will start accumulating on your website. Some of these files are unnecessary and take up a lot of space. Files such as outdated images, text, spam and old software can contribute to slow down the page. If you have a slow website, you can lose customers. In a world where everything has to go fast, people do not have time to wait. We have the solutions, contact us for more information.

Google Report

Who visits your website, when do they visit your website? Which page do they spend the most time on? What is the gender and age of those who visit your site? This and much more you can get detailed reports on. These reports will be able to help you focus more on the areas where you have earnings ,, and better results for your business. We can help you set up specific searches, on criteria you want to know more about.

Backup & Guard

We can help you make regular backups of your website. There is a lot of information on the website, and it is important not to lose it. You decide how often you want a backup and we will take care of the rest.
Are you going on a longer vacation, or simply do not have time to follow yourself. We can help you regularly check that your website is online and that it has the least possible downtime.

Here you will find ours follow-up plans.

Do not worry about the maintenance of your website. Choose a plan below, and we take care of the rest at a fixed price every month.

Does not fit one of these plans, contact us and we can tailor a plan to your needs.

* All prices above are excluding VAT, per month and there is 3 months mutual notice.